Monday, December 27, 2010

Knet e24paymentpiper.dll errors


If you have reached this post then you must be frustrated with the numerous errors when trying to implement the e24paymentpipe.dll.

there are not much documents available online as well as this payment gateway is specific to kuwait banking system.

this is a common error
Retrieving the COM class factory for component with CLSID {78EEF9EE-38E9-11D5-9B13-00E0B8184571} failed due to the following error: 80070005

to successfully implement this dll, do the following:

1) Upload e24paymentpipe.dll to the bin folder on your hosting server
2) Register this dll on the system (ask your hosting provider to do this)
3) Assign ASP.NET rights to this e24paymentpipe.dll (ask your hosting provider to do this)
4) Create a folder named "Resource"
5) Upload the file "resource.cgn" to the "Resource" folder
6) Assign ASP.NET rights to this folder (ask your hosting provider to do this)

Here are the changes you need to make in your test code:

=====start of code===========


string product, price, qty, total, name, address, postal; // Declaration of variables
e24PaymentPipeLib.e24PaymentPipeCtlClass MyObj;
MyObj = new e24PaymentPipeLib.e24PaymentPipeCtlClass(); // Create an instance of the dll object

total = Request.QueryString["total"];

MyObj.Action = "1"; // Purchase Transaction
MyObj.Amt = "100"; // <----This is the amount i entered for testing, The amount of purchase
MyObj.Currency = "414"; // KD Currency
MyObj.Language = "USA"; // Payment Page Language
MyObj.ResponseUrl = ""; // Your response URL where you will be notified with of transaction response
MyObj.ErrorUrl = ""; //
MyObj.TrackId = (new Random().Next(10000000) + 1).ToString(); // You should create a new unique track ID for each transaction
MyObj.ResourcePath = @"CompletePath\Resource\"; // <---Make sure you have the right path to this folder, Directory to your resource.cgn ending with \
MyObj.Alias = "yourwebsitealias"; // Alias of the plug-in, case-sensitive
MyObj.Udf1 = "User Defined Field 1";
MyObj.Udf2 = "User Defined Field 2";
MyObj.Udf3 = "User Defined Field 3";
MyObj.Udf4 = "User Defined Field 4";
MyObj.Udf5 = "User Defined Field 5";

//Perform the payment initilization

====end of code========

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Friday, June 25, 2010

Resolving Visual Studio 2010 Installer issues

If you got this error "Error: The version of the .NET Framework launch condition '.NET Framework 4' does not match the selected .NET Framework bootstrapper package" then you are at the right place.

Few days back i installed "Visual Studio 2010", i am always very excited testing new software.
So i created a new project and under target .Net Framework i selected "3.5 Framework".
I added a New Project Setup& Deployment Installer package. I then compiled it, and tried installing. The application came up with ".Net 4.0 Client framework required". But wait i was targeting .Net 3.5 framework so why did i get asked for ".Net 4.0 Client Framework"?
Well after doing some searches and going through forums, i finally discovered that in the installer project for some strange reason Visual Studio still keeps the launch condition prerequisite as ".Net 4.0".

Here are the steps to resolve this issue.
1) select installer project

2) click on the icon on top "Launch Conditions Editor" its the icon with a binoculars.

3) Under Launch Conditions, Select ".Net framework" on the right in "Properties" Select "Version" you will see a drop down. change the framework to your target framework.

Build and install.